22 Comments on “Where to buy silver or gold bullion? Online or a Local Coin Shop?”

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  2. Yea I’m on the east coast. Philadelphia area. I dunno where they distribute
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  5. Awesome! The junk is always good to have even more so if you’re on a
    budget. Make a rule for yourself to always buy some junk whenever you buy
    some bullion. Something that will keep you buying junk. 😉

  6. My friend Jim likes Pabst so I buy it all the time as he downs about 6
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  7. would you like to see some stuff I got at the flea market, I guess I should
    wait till you video is done before I start writing, but yea local is king.
    good video

  8. I have a question. I started stacking last month, and I was wondering what
    is the difference between junk silver and bullion “Price wise” because when
    I looked online the junk silver had a 4$ premium vs the bullion which was
    way lower than that, so why do people buy junk when the can get bullion for
    almost spot price ?

  9. Great hand motions. Buy this shit. I also suggest yard saleing or if you
    feel lucky corn roll dimes and quarters at the bank.

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  11. I’ll have to check where its made from the next time I go to the cannal’s
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  12. I think the price people pay over spot varies depending on their source. If
    you’re strictly buying online, the price of junk silver is just a tad less
    expensive then your bullion. Junk can be had for a very low price if you’re
    lucky enough to find a source. Flea markets and garage sales are another
    great place to look. Another reason people might buy silver is that if the
    time comes where we have to barter for goods, the 90% silver is highly
    recognizable and comes in a variety of sizes.

  13. Nice video and tips man! I liked and subbed! Please check out my silver
    videos! I just uploaded one today! Thank you! :)

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