25 Comments on “Scrap Silver and Gold Turned into Bullion! SilverPicker’s Trip to the Refinery #003”

  1. Cool video, man! Why not sell your scrap on ebay and get next to full
    value? Buy some bullion outright! It would be worth it. Share your whole
    stack with us!

  2. you are way more likely to get your home safe robbed than the govt robbing
    your safety deposit box.

  3. put it in a safe put it in a storm shelter and put a hungry fat guy sitting
    on the door lol

  4. If you’re interested in getting paid more for scrap precious metals PM me.
    I have been metal detecting awhile and know where to go. I can get you
    98-99% spot price on gold scrap plus they will return gems/stones. You have
    to pay for shipping/insurance. On silver scrap I think they pay 90% and
    also return gems/stones. Depending on how close your local LCS is selling
    scrap silver to the ARA isn’t worth it. Look up the ARA.

  5. But if you think about it what if we all go down under and all the banks
    shut and you can’t get your silver and gold out what are you going to do
    then !!!!

  6. I’d rather have ten opportunities to sell silver than only one, especially
    once the price goes way up!

  7. You should be about 94% for gold if they buy it from you unmelted meaning
    they just check each piece of jewelry or run an acid test on anything
    suspect and put it all in a pile and pay you, however if that refiner is
    melting your stuff and then paying you then you should be getting 98% for
    gold and about 90% for silver, check out Greg at Scrapgoldbusiness he is
    getting those figures from his refiner.

  8. That is so great you got that nice solid bar in exchange for scrap…you
    don’t think there will be a ‘bank holiday’ anytime soon?….I also have
    some precious metals in a safe deposit box…don’t know where else to keep

  9. I also get the feeling that you are just saying that you keep your silver
    in a safety deposit box just to cover your ass. Why pay $40-60 a year to
    have one on top of your silver investment? Anything you make off of your
    silver will go towards paying for your box.

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