25 Comments on “PAMP Suisse 100 gram Gold Bar .9999 Fine – Up Close & Personal”

  1. Ahah Oh man. Maria is who I dealt with too! She did seem rather snobbish
    didn’t she, and with the most apathetic tone one could ever imagine coming
    from woman. She’s the girlfriend who would dump you in a heartbeat and
    think nothing of it. Maria, if you are reading this”: Love ya…mean it! lol

  2. yea fuck goldmart. They fucking take forever and i hate that bitch Maria.
    Nice ars.

  3. Very nice bars. Congratulations. It must have felt like Christmas opening
    that package.

  4. Yes, I hope he can some how see this. I know he prefers the slightly larger
    bars with a different unit of measure. Just can’t remember what they were
    called Toras or something like that.

  5. Gold is down again after this weekend and reports are saying it’s due to
    increased confidence in markets and the tapering of QE, what is your
    personal view on the outlook for gold and isit a good time to buy now?

  6. Pretty good! Any particular reason why you opted for the cast and not the
    mint ones? Apart from the price differential of course.

  7. this guy sounds like he is gonna have sex with the gold after this
    video…creepy sounding guy…i watch these videos to laugh now and
    again..not sure why people do these videos…lol…

  8. “Loaf bar?” LOL, I hear often that you can’t eat gold. Go ahead I want to
    watch. Just kidding pal. I’m trying to understand why haters of gold are
    obsessed with that ignorant saying, as though they want to sound cleaver.
    What fool doesn’t understand that money is not food?

  9. buy 1 oz coins or rounds..anything greater in gold is harder to sell and if
    you need some money ..you dont want to have to find a guy that will try to
    screw you because you have large ingids of gold…even half oz is a good
    idea also…silver..no more than 5oz ingids…same thing…coins or rounds
    1oz or even fractional…depends when silver goes hyperbolic…etc…if you
    have a 100 oz ingid..no one will buy it.at the price you want..

  10. Gold is down again this week as reports say it’s due to increased
    confidence and tapering of QE. What is your personal thoughts on golds
    outlook? Do you think it’s a good time to buy at this moment, thanks.

  11. gold is down over 30 percent from its high..yes you should buy….its
    always a good time to buy gold..especially if the economy fails and dollars
    go to zero..you will have something you can trade or sell to get things you

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