Cyprus Selling Sparks Gold & Silver Bear Market

Cyprus Selling Sparks Gold & Silver Bear Market

Gold and silver prices are plummeting. What factors are causing gold and silver prices to decline? Cyprus central bank decided to sell gold and others follow…
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This is the first coin released as part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Wildlife Series. As with the Silver Cougar and Grizzly, this is a great bullion coin wit…
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36 Comments on “Cyprus Selling Sparks Gold & Silver Bear Market”

  1. Yeah the premium over spot has declined a bit though…..recent pop though
    in-line with price per Troy ounce silver. Same thing happened to the year
    of the dragon one ounce. I let go of a lot of my wolves for greater
    quantity of physical silver.

  2. @ekimtoor I agree. I’d love to see a mean looking Canadian Lynx though!

  3. @CollectingSilver Thanks! Yeah, I got them back in January, 2011 for around
    $33. Thanks for the sub! I’ve subbed ya back and will check out your videos
    soon. I’m not much for trading. I inventory everything that I buy, lock it
    up and forget that it even exists. Thanks for the offer though.

  4. thats a great deal, would you care to sell one? im paypal ready and its the
    only one i need from the series.

  5. @p154831 Actually I do if the demand remains strong. These seem to be
    selling in the sity dollar range most places today.

  6. Im gonna keep stacking until we go to a silver/gold standard. This fiat
    currency will collapse no matter what. They all do. I ADMIT I did sell
    some. But I immediately bought some GOLD. If it goes down more, I’ll buy
    more and more and more. Its better to have silver stay where it is right
    now then to have it in the thirties.

  7. Very informative. Wish more people would pay attention to stuff like this.
    It affects everyone at least indirectly, and yet most folks are oblivious
    to what’s going on in the world and what’s coming. Keep up the good work.
    Keep the gold and silver. Don’t sell.

  8. Silver is going to be a by product of space mining. You do not think that
    the crash has nothing to do with the US government paying NASA 14 billion
    to park an asteroid in orbit? So astronauts can park on their way to Mars?
    It all has to do with a government fronting the bill for corporations to
    get their research done for nothing. I personally think that precious
    metals are going to be mined from space in the next 10 years. Get ready…

  9. I dont take chances. I bought in the thirties and wish I didnt buy in the
    thirties. Anyways, life is about taking risks.

  10. iam happy its going down i hope silver goes to $10 i wanna buy 3000 oz
    every year for 5 years lol after that hope it goes to $1000 lollll anyways
    hi you doing irixguy hope your well quite a long time since saw your videos
    anyways takecare

  11. Great point and I agree 100% about that driving space exploration. I
    predict they’ll kill astronauts to make more room for precious metals on
    the flight back too. Sick but true.

  12. I’ve been long silver since the low teens to 50 and back. I must confess
    that yesterday shook my tree =( I hope that I “bet” right and can get back
    in with more Troy ounces at a lower price. It’s really hard to tell what in
    this world is real and what in this world in manipulated.

  13. Yup. I am holding my current Gold and Silver assets and I am looking at
    this excellent buying opportunity right now.

  14. You took a profit at these prices? How? We have been higher than this price
    for years. You decide to sell now after seeing all those higher prices? WTF

  15. I can’t wait to add more silver below 20 and more gold below 800. Gonna
    feel great!

  16. I wont liquidate at any price. Gold and Silver is an insurance policy for
    me and I buy at all prices. Give me a year or so at 1990’s prices and I
    will accumulate metals with a smile on my face.

  17. I don’t disagree with you, but I do believe that the physical metals
    markets are manipulated pretty heavily by way of all the paper investing.
    That will not be cleared out and the manipulation made much more difficult
    to nearly impossible until people begin to realize that their paper
    investments are not safe. When paper investing starts to truly become
    unpopular globally, you’ll start to see real prices come back in. I
    suggest, until then just continue to stack and buy what you like.

  18. I haven;t bought anymore after selling…waiting for it to go down a little
    more first. Keep on stacking!

  19. I would love to see Silver & Gold dip to those new lows you talked about so
    I can buy more. This bear market is temporary given the fundamentals of the
    world economy. If in 2016 or so we’re not seeing Silver sitting at least
    between $35 to $45 and Gold at anywhere from $1,800 to $2,300 I’d actually
    be a little surprised. But I’m buying for the long-term, not the short
    term. Our economic systems are built upon a paper fiat ponzie scheme.
    Long-term, that means metals WAY UP!

  20. Yeah, I personally believe that it will go much lower and had a substantial
    position from the silver sub-20 range.

  21. my theory is that since there is a major bull market in equities, people
    are selling their commodities and buying equities since there is more money
    to be made. if people had more money they would have kept their commodities
    and then bought into the equities market as well but since they dont have
    the extra cash they use their commodities money to invest in equities. all
    commodities including oil are dropping and the dow industrial is nearing

  22. any fool that liguidated today will soon regret it. as we are still well
    above usage to mined silver . and more then 20% of silver is mined from
    just silver mines and they all lost money last year and will soon be forced
    to shut down. Anyhting short of world deprerssion( possible) will force
    silver below 22

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