Copper and Aluminum Bullion Unboxing

This is a new addition to my copper coin/bar/medallion collection. I also purchased a pair of 1 oz. aluminum bars just to add some variety to my metals colle…

This is a short video discussion and demo of separating pre-1982 copper pennies from accumulated coins, and how to distinguish copper 1982 pennies from zinc …

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  1. I also enjoy saving copper pennies, check out my channel for some videos on
    the subject

  2. that’s true. I’m sure some bozo will post a Youtube video of how to melt
    copper pennies into bars. I wouldn’t doubt if there’s one posted already LOL

  3. I think a pound of pennys is worth more than the rate for copper but i
    would definetly melt silver currency! Sshh! Lol

  4. Mining copper pennies is not a bad idea at this time. It is the most
    affordable way to collect copper bullion. When copper pennies are rare in
    circulation or the govt stops making the penny, the melt ban will end much
    like it did with silver coins that are rarely found in change. However, it
    isn’t necessary to melt down pennies that can be identified as 1/10 troy
    ounce 95% copper coins in their current form. These may be useful for trade
    like coins were in Argentina’s hyperinflation.

  5. If you were to melt them down and remove the impurities i doubt they would
    catch you, unless you told on yourself lol

  6. I miss the good old days of the 70s and 80s when you could still come
    across a silver coin in your pocket change every once in a while. Better
    yet was when you got back a silver certificate mixed in with your dollar
    bills. I set aside 3 or 4 from my register when I worked retail back in the

  7. to collect them, to gift them, because I like copper coins. there’s a huge
    premium on copper coins compared to their melt value, so the likelihood of
    making a profit on them based solely on their melt value is pretty small.
    current melt value of 1 OZ copper is $0.21-0.23. The coins cost $1.70-1.90
    each. The price of Cu would have to go up 8-9 times to make a profit on
    metals content alone. Not impossible, just not likely for a very, very long

  8. yeah, aluminium is a much lighter metal than silver. I have to imagine that
    a 10 oz aluminium bar is would be pretty massive.

  9. They are very nice looking coins and bars. The aesthetic value is far
    gretaer than the monetary value. Nice collection

  10. Hey man! Thanks for the turn on – i love copper and other metals and did
    not know about copper cave. Just placed an order. Check out my full copper
    video and the copper bars vid also. I also like to gift them – an
    especially god wait person might get a copper ounce besides the regular
    tip. Peace and thanks for the video.

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