Coinpicker’s Massive Garage Sale Silver Coin Haul

Hi YouTube! Last week, barely found anything, however, today was an absolute gold mine or should I say “silver” mine! Bought 0 worth of junk silver coins …
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Get Copper Penny Bullion Below Spot Price

What is the value of a copper penny? How much is the copper in pennies worth? You may be surprised to learn that the copper in pre-1982 pennies is worth cons…
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  1. I’ve found 3 over the years, 1 of them was in my pocket change and 2 were
    in rolls I was searching.

  2. I get more 1982 pennies that are copper.There is a easy EASY easy way to
    find out if you have a copper one.Drop it on something that is hard like a
    table and listen for the sound.Copper one have a nice high Bing and tone to
    them zinc ones are flat sounding.Also I head pennies are 95%copper and 5%
    tin.Last i would like to say is it trips me out how Pre 1964 you could have
    10 or 25 pennies and get a silver dime/quarter and Pre 1933 if you had 2000
    pennies you could get a 20$ gold coin.Crazy huh.

  3. Great video, Andrew! This is good information for everyone especially if
    you have limited funds to invest.

  4. Canadian pennies were 98% copper until 1996, next year we’ll stop making
    pennies because even the steel ones cost more than they’re worth. As of
    this year, all of our coins are made of steel or zinc. Copper pipe
    salvaging has saved people’s lives during times of crisis all over the
    world, at the very least I’ll be able to skip that whole process if it
    comes down to it.

  5. Thanks! Yes I think the upside potential is quite considerable in copper.
    I’ve only found 1 indian head in circulating coinage, and that was actually
    while working a cash register in a retail store. That’s interesting about
    boxes from big cities having more copper, I wonder what accounts for that?
    Perhaps old and large cities have had the same pennies circulating in them
    for decades.

  6. I’m not sure I sort adequate volume to make such an investment cost
    effective, but I’ve seen them in action and they are awesome!

  7. The easiest way to sort 1982 pennies is to bounce them on a wooden table,
    the copper pennies make a more pleasant sound.

  8. 75% of 82s are copper . i was throwing them back in the zinc but was giving
    up alot of copper . thanks for the info

  9. How often do you drop at your credit union coin machine? without raising
    eyebrows once a week, once every two weeks? thanks.

  10. Haven’t been too active with the coin roll hunting lately, when I was more
    active with it I would drop off bags once or twice a month and they didn’t
    seem to mind.

  11. good vid. we are cut from the same piece of cloth. wait till they are
    someday 5cents each! ($125 a box!) I’ve gone through tens of
    thousands…never got an indian head yet. Advice: when visiting a large us
    city, I get those boxes. More copper in them by far!!

  12. Thanks for watching! I’ll be doing some more videos on coins soon,
    subscribe to see them first =)

  13. Never thought of it that way, but yes that is crazy! Goes to show just how
    much value the dollar has lost over the past century

  14. For the right price, you bet I would! I would careful to verify their
    copper content as well.

  15. Get acids and scratch test gear-A lot of the heirloom pieces have scads of
    counterfits-Good haul-73,S

  16. That’s great.! The death dollars look in nice shape. Just bought one myself
    last week for £15 .

  17. nice coins if you have time look at my channel i have some good videos or
    allking or rare coins love coin collecting subscribe thanks  – Alex

  18. Ironic thought, people always say money is dirty and a breeding ground for
    germs, however, silver is said to be antibacterial as it is so reactive.
    Perhaps the tarnish is basically sulfur from the air which kills germs.
    Something to think about.

  19. i checked the coinstar at my local acme and got a free 50 cent silver
    canadian coin…. anyway …. CP do you sell any silveR?

  20. I’ve searched through pennies, nickels, and dimes. I only started CRH last
    November, but I’ve been collecting for about 5 years. I did pennies the
    most knowing that they were no longer in circulation. I’m not sure about
    ratios, but I had a full copper penny box. I’ll be starting dimes again

  21. Hi PNT! My fellow Vancouverite! What denomination coins do you search and
    what’s your find ratio? Obviously, I’m doing dimes and quarters. I usually
    average a silver coin per box of 50 rolls.

  22. not bad dude u should be laughing haha nice find i have story youll
    probably like i live near toronto ontario and i was at a local td bank
    getting a box of quarters 500$ and when i took them home to coin hunt i
    found ten rolls of pre 68 silver quarters i almost died but yea i paid 100$
    and there was over 1000$ worth of silver there probably best box of
    quarters ive ever bought lol 

  23. I’m from Michigan, and the girls at my local gas station are always setting
    aside silver for me and canadian silver seems to be the most common. Every
    time I stop in I’ll walk out with a couple silver 1968’s and a few older
    ones as well. I think people here don’t seem to realize the United States
    weren’t the only ones to produce silver coins =] And being to close to the
    border we get a lot of canadian change mixed in with our own 

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