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  1. I like the vid, I also made my first and now several purchases from
    SilverTowne. I am a Texan and do enjoy the Customer Service and
    Satisfaction that I receive from them. I started purchasing Silver this
    year and I only purchase from them right now because of the Free Shipping.
    I have purchased 53oz so far from them. You should check out Silverfish VT
    channels if you havent already. Great vid and Welcome to the Stacker
    community my friend.

  2. I thought the same thing about the Free Shipping. I did notice one time
    they sent me an email about How the Free Shipping would end, so I bought a
    few ounces. Then in February the same Bars that I buy are still Free
    Shipping. I am going to wait a couple more days, as I believe Silver will
    go done a little more and then I am buying more. Keep on fellow Starcker.

  3. Free shipping is why I ordered from there. Monarch’s communication really
    didn’t sit well with me. Placed an order and they did a pretty bad job
    communicating with me about my shipping and some other things. I’ll give
    them another shot, but poor customer service can chase me away very easily.

  4. I really like silvertowne bars I bought a sheet of 1ozers earlier in the
    month. Welcome to the community sir. I have a few unboxings you may like

  5. Started stacking this year for various reasons but I made the choice of
    starting with silver and chose silvertowne because of the free shipping and
    so far have had none of the waiting that some here are claiming. I order
    and have my shipments within a week maybe less sometimes. Customer service
    is always great and couldnt be more happy with them. Silvertowne is a great
    place to start and no matter what I tend to always order something from
    them every time I’m looking to buy. Buy with confidence!

  6. you weigh the bar? they do not say do not say troy oz on them. i placed my
    first order today for one.

  7. I’ll have to take a look at them. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been
    meaning to getting into this for awhile. I need to take advantage of the
    free shipping on the bullion bars right now.

  8. Yeh I almost bought some german silver. That fucker had it posted on the
    bottom of his page, almost didn’t catch it.

  9. That was all that old CMC Mint stuff from last year. 100 percent Chinese
    shipped through a Canada address. I got taken on some Amero coins for about
    34 bucks as I recall.

  10. At first glance you would think these bars are from the Royal Canadian
    Mint. The RCM makes a 1 oz. gold bar with their Maple Leaf/M logo on the
    front, and it’s the pattern for the back.

  11. Or silver plated spoons etc. Where I live it fetch prices almost like it
    was pure silver ware and has risen with silver price!! While it may be old
    and collectible or worth somethings as old collectors items they’re next to
    nothing worth in metal and such shouldn’t rise with silver. Some people
    don’t get it. I showed a genuine 100 g gold bar to a relative the other day
    but she couldn’t understand why it was so small yet worth _much_ more than
    all her jewelry (it’s not alloyed and not hollowed)

  12. Thank you million times for such a good informational warning video about
    100 mills silver bars. I thought wow what a great price to buy such silver
    bars.. Well I got doubt about the price, free shipping with first class
    mail. I thought to Google it and search for what is 100 mill. Then I saw
    your video and fantasic information details you gave on this video. It
    should be circulated to everywhere so people will not be fooled by such
    items on Ebay or elsewhere. Thanks again..you R doing good.

  13. Perhaps, the author of this video would call me ignorant( I would pop him a
    good one right in the kisser if he tried saying that to my face). I knew
    exactly what I was getting. I knew it was plated and I knew there was no
    way in hell there could be enough real silver or gold to try and have that
    be the main justification for buying the item. I wanted it. it looked neat.
    it had real electroplating so it will look real. I knew I could experience
    the same as the person who bought a real one!

  14. Silver CLAD also means they are a base metal PLATED with a fine layer of
    silver. Basically the same thing. Not worth investing in.

  15. . I am 100% positive that If I became a world famous super rock star
    someone out there would then perceive this to be valuable. Was it ever
    truely valuable? No! If I was confident that I was going to be a super
    rockstar and did this to 1,000 pieces of my favorite gum and then sell them
    for $1,000 each to 1000 people. Does that mean I just scammed 1 million
    dollars out of people and planned it?

  16. I remember the first time I began buying silver and gold, I almost got
    scammed in this exact way, but thank god I realised what was going on.

  17. If you watch this video again. but this time instead of thinking about how
    little you may know about these bars. You will find 90% of what he says is
    just a educated guess. He assumes a lot about how they came into existence
    with no factual proof. He speaks of these makers as cons which is his
    opinion based off of what he feels to be evidence. He even admits that he
    has purchased some of these bars knowing that he will get enough
    sponsorship( or more-yes I am stating my opinion now)

  18. Some one else bought it. for a little more then I paid for it. Now what
    would you call that If it was a $30 hand painted canvas that I appreciated
    and explained its forensic value and then its perceived value? If I allowed
    the public auction(eBay) to decide its value and it sold continuously for
    $60. would I be scamming people selling them a $15 canvas with $5 of paint
    on it and $10 labor to the painter. Would I be wrong? NO. I agree that most
    people do not read what they buy.

  19. I just got ripped off.Here’s the headline and description from the
    seller:Headline-ONE TROY OZ. .999 SILVER MAPLE LEAF ART BARS;Description-
    Up for auction is 1 troy oz. .999 fine silver clad maple leaf art bars.
    These are beautiful, polished proof-quality bars. Each bar is 1 troy ounce.
    These bars are a true collectors keepsake, and maybe the best inexpensive
    investment ever!!!! I contacted ebay,but i have to recieve item before
    filing claim.Based on description and title,im entitled a refund

  20. 98.6% isn’t very good feedback on eBay. Anything less than 99.5% is a
    warning to the buyer. Thanks for the warning Derek! By the way, “first
    class mail” just means it isn’t sent by media mail (like magazines and
    flyers) or some other slow service. An envelope with a stamp on it is first
    class mail.

  21. @eBayTopRatedSeller hes trying to warn people that 100 mills is pretty much
    worthless… why don’t you just let people be informed instead of trying to
    downplay whats really going on?

  22. I actually bought a 100 mills silver round for about 18.45 back in march
    from a reputable coin dealer. Should I confront him?

  23. I dunno, I see plenty of these ‘fake’ bars in gold and silver being sold
    for peanuts, and yes they were advertised as ‘layered’ or ‘not solid’ etc.
    But every now and then a pair of idiots get carried away and send the
    bidding sky high on one or two of these bars. Is it a scam to sell to

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