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  1. Sure is a cool story. Wish I had a similar one.. Only have 2+ years
    stacking/saving under the belt, but I also love the idea of saving in
    precious metals.. Just made a video on my other channel. I talked about how
    I try to get at least 1 of every design/variety.. With all the new stuff
    coming out, it’s getting hard to keep up! Accumulate, collect, stack etc..
    It’s all the same word(s) to me. Awesome words !! Like your style.. Thx for
    sharing! Liked & Subbed again! 😉

  2. That;s right Silverfish. I don’t take either term in a negative sense. I
    enjoy accumulating silver in whatever form I can get it. If it looks nice,
    then that’s a plus!

  3. Sure would like to see more of yoir individual pieces looks like a real
    diverse collection… maybe you could sort of do vids on your bars,rounds
    etc or tell the why and how of your acquisitions there would be some
    fascinating stuff. thanks for sharing!

  4. My spending is poor these days too Joe. ahah All this stuff I’ve had for a
    while. Thanks for watching.

  5. It’s never too late to start collecting and stacking. Thanks for watching
    and for your comment.

  6. Yea I love the look of silver, I prefer it to gold! and also the fact that
    silver is actually an extremely useful metal, being the most reflective and
    the most conductive. Shame about the tarnishing though, that is silvers
    only downside. I might get some Platinum or Palladium coins in the future,
    I prefer the white metals to the yellow gold.

  7. salivate you are the man! you have palladium as well??!! You are a true
    beast. I wish I had started collecting/stacking sooner. Even If you the a
    few ounces a year by the time you retire you should be doing well!

  8. Thanks Brian! It’s never too late to stack or collect. I saw a stat that
    said that based on production, if the average american had just 5 ounces
    per year, they’d have more than the average production spread out per
    american. Notwithstanding the world. Thanks so much for watching.

  9. I too have collected since a kid in the 1960’s but never got bars stuck
    with U.S. silver coins and bank wrapped penny rolls (please see video’s)
    Great collection…. you are a collector if you were a stacker you would
    show the size of your collection and you didn’t you showed your favorite
    single pieces and only a part of your collection

  10. Wow. I wish I was around coin shows and banks back then. Very cool! Did you
    get any of that action Darth?

  11. There seems to be some confusion about the ‘stacker’ label. I guess I
    generically refer to physical silver investors as stackers, although, some
    have put a negative connotation on it. I call myself a stacker with pride,
    and rationalize the collector side of me, by saying that I like a nice
    diverse stack. Lol, but that just code for being a collector as well. Hey,
    who doesnt like a little eye appeal?

  12. Yes, beautiful coins. Is the voyager the Canadian commemorative dollar with
    the Shuttle on it dated 2000? If so, I have that coin. It’s very nice.

  13. Thank you Mr. Silver Monster. I appreciate your kind words and your story
    too. Coins are fascinating. They share a rich heritage of art and history.

  14. They bring back great memories for me as well. I remember when businesses
    would pass out free silver at coin shows, and banks would hand them out as
    well, ole the days gone past.

  15. I wish I started in my early teens,. I started about a year ago when I was
    24,. I guess I’m a stacker but collecting is what keeps me going and
    motivated,. Thanks for the video

  16. SalivateMetal, great video thanks for sharing. If I may throw in my 2
    coppers. It is a false choice, because the very thing that makes silver so
    unique is that it is several things at once. It’s an insurance policy,
    it’s an investment, it’s a savings account, and it’s a hobby. Which is it
    to me? I choose all 4! Keep stacking!

  17. These normally go for about $10 a piece (on amazon), but the 1 pound bars
    are $40ish. The one pound bars are a better investment in my opinion.

  18. this one is very nice accept for the “in god we trust” part this one i
    would purchase, compared to the others, for sure

  19. 6 at Amagi, so better deal there if you want smaller investment, but the
    more you buy the cheaper it is!

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